Missing Short Story

7 05 2013

I know I promised, I was back and all that Jazz, and truthfully short story No. 2 should have been out by now. I started it, I truly did, then something came up as it always does, and it’s so hard these days to get back in the mindset to write. I mean writing was so much easier before I decided to take it seriously!

So what will I do? I want to say it will be ready by the 15th but I think I’ll just push it back to June first. On June 1st I’ll take down Between Friends and switch it out with the new story An Affair of the Heart. This one is a difference pace, showing my more romantic side. I can hear my readers already… “No, I like my shit hardcore!” LOL, but you can’t please everyone. I’ve just got to make peace with that.

In the meantime, what can I do? Another review? Sigh, 50 shades took a lot out of me, I haven’t read much since then. And then I figure it should be erotica, afterall that’s what I’m writing. But I did read Erotic City by Pynk.Maybe I’ll give y’all my thoughts on that.




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